Vilcabamba High School

School Name: Coleigo Nationales de Vilcabamba

A high school offering day and night classes to about 300 students. This school has a progressive building program that offers the tactics necessary to house a great education but lack the sophisticated equipment and supplies to provide a challenging curriculum to the future needs of the students.

They have fairly good facilities in comparison with other schools in the valley. However, they need improvement in their career or vocational facilities, such as wood shop, chemistry lab, computer classes, etc. Once the Ecuadorian Government found out that ACF had provided the school with internet access, they have began providing the school with more educational the way of new computer equipment, printers, copy equipment and more. Since this schools has started reaching this government assistance, ACF has been able to focus on other “rural” schools to help them start receiving assistance from Andes Children’s Foundation grants and equipment.


Bare walls and primary-style student desks are the normal in most classrooms. Wall charts, maps and pictures are shared by each class and move from room to room as needed.

Enthusiasm runs deep, but lack of available equipment makes teaching a challenge, in a one computer for 50 student ratio tools have to be shared. Mentoring such as the ACF Teacher could be made easier if students could be more hands on.

Equipment and Supplies Provided by the ACF:

  • 5 Computers with monitors
  • Spanish Software
  • Video Projector
  • Chemistry Lab Equipment & Supplies
  • 5 Microscopes
  • Extended Internet Connection to Local Area Network
  • School Supplies
  • Woodworking Tools
  • Teacher Training in Computer Skills at Loja Vocational School