San Pedro School

School Name: Nueve de Octrubre (9th of October)

List of Equipment and Supplies Provided by the ACF:

  • 7 Computers with monitor, keyboard & mouse
  • Spanish Software
  • MicroSoft Office 10 & PhotoShop CS
  • 2 Video Projectors & Replacement bulb
  • Laser Printer and Copier
  • Inkjet Printer
  • Digital Camera & 16G Memory Card
  • 2 Microscopes
  • Learning center with 12 headsets
  • 150 Desks and 300 Chairs
  • Internet service via Local Wireless Network (also provided by ACF)
  • 500 Lbs. of school supplies
  • Sports Equipment (Volleyball, Soccer Ballas & Basketball) with nets for Volleyball court and Basketball court
  • 1 Laptop Computer


The initial efforts to upgrade the educational system in Vilcabamba have not only been successful, but have already yielded great results. In early 2003, CK Companies CEO and Founder, Craig Keeland, visited the school with Dr. Mark Pederson, to personally deliver the first donated computer to the school. A second computer along with additional materials were sent to Vilcabamba.

In October, 2003, Craig Keeland, overseen the packaging of an entire palette of materials gathered by the son of Dr. Mark Pederson who solicited the donations of these items as a part of his Eagle Scout Project. All freight costs and administrative expenses for this and all other donations have been paid by Craig Keeland personally.

The future of the children of San Pedro is now. We must continue providing help to these children so that their future is brighter. With recent donations and Mission Trips to Vilcabamba, ACF has been able to deliver 1000’s of dollars worth of equipment and provide much needed school supplies and new desks and chairs.

On our most recent mission trip, February of 2013, we provided a new digital projector and some much needed Sport Equipment (Volleyball and net, Soccer Balls, and a Basketball and nets) for the court which is their playground, since the school sits on the side of a cliff and has limited space for the children to play. We were treated to a classroom demonstration of how the equipment is used. Craig Keeland gave an encouraging talk to the students who assembled in the courtyard about their bright futures and gave them an aspiring dream to dream that one day one of them might be “.. a doctor, a nurse, the Mayor of Vilcabamba, Representative of Loja Province or even the President of Ecuador!”