Cucanama Alto Elementary School

School Name: Miguel Carpio Mendieta

In Cucanama Alto a small rural school named Miguel Carpio Mendieta is between Vilcabamba and Tumianuma along the Rio Piscobamba (river) in Malacatos Valley. It has 10 students and one teacher. On our 2011 Trip we noticed that the children had one computer system that had been donated by ACF in years past. There were actually two computers in this school, one of which was donated by the parents. Interestingly enough, there was a young, 20-something female volunteer who had come by to teach the children how to use the computer. She has been volunteering for over a year, coming once a week to teach computer skills. This is the type of circuit teaching program ACF is considering to implement. Our February 2013 trip allowed us to revisit this school which has been considered for elimination by the school district because of its small size. If this happens the students will have to travel 15 to 20 kilometers to attend school in either Tumianuma or Vilcabamba. The teacher there has been very dedicated to the few students she has and ACF has supported her efforts with computer eqiupment in the past and a new CD-PA System for her to use in her classroom during this trip. The students entertained us with a whimsical singing of “Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer” in Spanish.


One World Vilcabamba has been providing English classes for the school and the ACF Team was able to ask questions in English of the students who answered in English for practice.

Equipment and Supplies Provided by the ACF:

  • 1 Computer with Monitor, keyboard & mouse
  • Multi-Function CD/PA System
  • 1 Laptop Computer